FOHMICS has developed its competencies by implementing pocket device application and scored reputation as one of the leading edge solution provider that can help cutting costs, boost productivity, and generate new revenues for clients. We assist enterprises in extending their legacy or web-enabled applications to the wireless world.

FOHMICS Team provides consulting and custom solutions to enterprises that wish to leverage mobile technologies to improve their operations. Our team has completed multiple projects on the PocketPC operating systems.

"While there are more Internet users with cell phones, a much higher proportion of PDA owners report using those devices to go online. These usage rates warrant careful monitoring, both by manufacturers as they develop new devices and by publishers and marketers as they evaluate wireless strategies""9.9 million Internet surfing adults in the U.S. use a personal digital assistant (PDA) or cell phone to access the Internet."
- comScore Networks., Inc

Our experience greatly improves success of your mobile projects; go through our list of offered services and strengths:

Server and mobile database development for PDA applications.
Experience with all types of screens, including plain screens and touch screens.
Integration Mobile solutions to existing Enterprise Systems.
Existing code optimization.
arrow Custom interfaces, non-standard buttons and toolbars.
arrow Complex math algorithms under PDA OS.
arrow Rich UI with efficient sorting and navigation.
arrow Database management using SQL Server CE and Oracle Lite.
arrow Applications that uses GPRS to connect to Mail, Web and FTP servers.

We can also help you take advantage of the leading edge technology and develop an application that will connect your employees from remote locations.

Some of the PDA application deployed by us:
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is using Food & Meat Inspection System. It has large area made available on the PDA for outgoing food inspectors.
 Surveyors who went door to door to carry out the national census in UAE used application developed for PDA. We used .NET, Java and Oracle to implement it.

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