A portal is community / transaction-based website that securely provides the personalized and customizable aggregation of key content, applications, and services based on user-identity, role, group, domain, user-preferences and system determined relevancy."

For many users portals are gateways into the internet. Portals put your presence before millions of prospects within seconds. It helps you in, competing on equal terms with companies that are ten times the size of yours. You can market your company, its products and services to a worldwide audience by creating an Internet portal. You can project a larger picture of your organization through this portal - creating a 'shop window' in markets that you would traditionally find difficult to target.

Enterprise Portal - The need to provide the content in a 'meaningful' context to employees, suppliers, partners and customers has necessitated the emergence of enterprise portals. They also provide the second generation of intranet technologies by offering fundamentals like search, information taxonomy and enterprise-related news.

Some of the portals developed by FOHMICS:
A portal for a local government department to handle the e-tendering and e-registration process.
An interior furnishing company portal focusing on item cataloguing, searching products, creating favorite list and sending request to the sales people.
Motor.ae is a well known portal for the used cars where agents and individuals are in hurry to buy or sell their cars.

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