Have a website that is not working for your business? Needs revitalized to keep up with the competition and reflect current customers' expectations? Or Needs to be more eCommerce orientated? Then FOHMICS has the solution for you.

Extend the reach of your business both online and offline. FOHMICS has over 6 years’ experience working with companies to define their online presence. We provide a full range of creative services that go beyond Web site design and Flash demos.

We can truly instrumental to provide a strategy and business plan describing how to use your Website to increase sales, encourage contact, expand site registration, and more; as well as custom goals specifically organized to help make your site an effective tool at enhancing your business operations.

Most Websites are not written by someone who specializes in written communication. They are filled with grammar and spelling errors, have inadequate persuasion techniques to bring about a course of action from the visitor, lack writing style, and have no psychological planning to keep the browser interested.

WE utilize n-tier approach to web development. It is an industry standard method of isolating the three separate logics (database, business, and presentation) so that each solution not only meets current business needs, but can be easily modified to meet future demands as well. We choose the technology based on your requirement and Budget. You can also suggest us the technology in which we want us to develop. We keep the clients requirements in our minds, use proper development tools, testing tools and source control tools.

Learn about Our Services
Provide e-business solutions for
your enterprise
Develop a smart portal for your
business needs
Implement turnkey software for
your company
Automate workflow coupled with DMS & Imaging
Deploy for you a PDA application
Enhance your website look and
Offer a realistic technical staffing
Ensure ROI for your application
hosting services
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