For any business, the cost of running and managing its own applications infrastructure can be unnecessarily expensive. By using FOHMICS hosting services, we can manage this cost for you. Amongst the services we provide, are application hosting, web hosting, email servers and its secure management. FOHMICS can help slash the costs of owning IT infrastructure in the enterprise by its solutions that help you migrate from existing IT environments to newer, more cost effective ones.

We can analyze your application environment and help you look for an infrastructure which offers highest possible performance, manageability, scalability and flexibility, at the lowest cost.
Review some of the key benefits of utilizing our hosting services
  Secure managed hosting
Focus on your core business and let us take care of your data and applications with our fully managed Data Center services. Our trained technical staff is here to resolve your issues on a 24x7x365 basis, providing maintenance and response.

  Lower cost
Why invest in setting up your own data center, when you can leverage on the world-class environment already created by our hosting services partner COMTRUST. Your costs can be greatly reduced by contracting us to supervise, operate and maintain your data environment.

  One secure package
We can bring security to you in one fully integrated package - managed security devices, encrypted networks, security policies, and even physical security.

Enable your IT department to focus on developing IT solutions for your business rather than spending time maintaining existing ones.

Our Data Centre provides fast local and international interconnections between your network and public networks.
Let’s rely on the FOHMICS Hosting, Support, and Maintenance team to alleviate the burden of managing your internet, intranet, or extranet sites.

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Provide e-business solutions for
your enterprise
Develop a smart portal for your
business needs
Implement turnkey software for
your company
Automate workflow coupled with DMS & Imaging
Deploy for you a PDA application
Enhance your website look and
Offer a realistic technical staffing
Ensure ROI for your application
hosting services
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