We recognize your need for motivated and talented information technology professionals who combine high-performance skills with solution-driven methodologies. FOHMICS’s wide array of technical staffing services includes contract staffing, project team deployment, temporary-to-permanent placement, and direct-hire placement.

By extending your project teams with FOHMICS staff, your internal resources can stay focused on their core competencies to complete your project on time and on budget. We hire, retain, and represent the brightest and best individuals to work with Fortune 100 institutions of UAE.
FOHMICS Technical Staffing gives you:
We offer a full range of technical staff interested in contract, temporary, and permanent placement to meet your needs.

  Leading Technology
FOHMICS consultants are specialists in their fields with the expertise to help you capitalize on opportunity and solve difficult technical problems.

  High Quality Standards
We're big on quality, just like you. Working with FOHMICS, you get the benefit of carefully screened candidates to ensure the right fit with your organization to deliver the highest quality results.

We ensure your satisfaction by providing individuals who place as much value on their work as you do and dedicate themselves to meeting your project and business goals.

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Provide e-business solutions for
your enterprise
Develop a smart portal for your
business needs
Implement turnkey software for
your company
Automate workflow coupled with DMS & Imaging
Deploy for you a PDA application
Enhance your website look and
Offer a realistic technical staffing
Ensure ROI for your application
hosting services
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