E-business is an essential requirement for success in today's fast-paced, global economy. Unparalleled opportunities exist to expand markets, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and offer customers and partners a seamless access to information. To capitalize on these opportunities, worldwide, organizations -including your competitors and suppliers- are turning to e-Business as a competitive necessity.

Your company can benefit greatly by merging your internal database with your Internet presence you can offer more information internally (departments, subsidiaries etc) and externally (potential and existing clients and customers). By connecting customers, suppliers and potential clients straight into your own systems you can manage information effectively. You can benefit from new business opportunities, apart from improving information access for existing operations.

E-Business benefits includes:

Faster time-to-market for new products through an automated information flow.
Increased efficiency from consistent, accurate information available in real time.
Improved customer responsiveness from automated self-service applications.
Lower cost of operations due to streamlined infrastructure of E- Business channel.
Reduced cost and complexity compared to custom point-to-point integration.

Some of the e-Business projects of FOHMICS team:
An e-commerce portal integrated with e-payment gateway for the real-estate domain.
An online grocery portal integrated with the back-office order management and debit care payment solution.
An e-hiring application for a national air carrier.

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