In today’s highly competitive environment, leading businesses are trying to seeking better and efficient ways to maximize, relevant internal communications exchange, while minimizing costs. FOHMICS as your intranet solution provider , focuses on customize intranets to meet your specific needs.

Intranet is an integrated platform of applications that create and manage information and to help you communicate with your employees. It also facilitates the external users to view and share information that has been publicized for specific reasons.It can hold features useful features like files management, announcements, meetings room status and booking, and operation forms etc. We can make it easy to use - even non-technical staff can build and manage information from their desktop.

Management of documents at corporate level where all the departments are in need of the documents a time consuming task. Managing more than one copy of a document was not only a repetition of task but triggered to the aspects of redundancy as well.
Some of common intranet modules that we can bundle for you
are as follows:

  Document Manager

Manage your folders and files in a secured way.
  Meeting Room Booking

No mess anymore, let everyone know about meeting room schedule.
  Contacts Database

Don’t ask secretary, now you can find it yourself any person you may need to call.
  Opinion Polls

Float a productive polling for any new change that need people opinion.

Create a knowledge sharing whiteboard, people ask and people answers.
  Event Calendar

List of official event are now listed in your intranet. Isn’t smart enough.
  Operation Forms

Don’t let people blame the operations, let them find leave application or any forms easily on your intranet.
  Image Shelf

Maintain the image library online, it helps media people.

Lets people share positive emotions, sending personalized greeting cards.
  News & Announcements

Everyone says, we don’t know what’s happening around, not anymore after having the intranet in place.

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