There are increasing challenges of complexity, economy and scale in the prevailing software industry scenario. Robustness and availability at all times have never been so important. J2EE meets most of these challenges.

FOHMICS as a Java Application Development Company and service provider offers services in Enterprise Technology Design & Development using Java as an Application Development platform. Java Application Development at our company covers internet-enabling legacy applications, legacy systems maintenance and system Integration services. We recommend Java Application Development Platform for most new Enterprise Applications.

Our services in the J2EE domain includes
End to End Design and Implementation of J2EE applications.
Enhancing existing J2EE applications for new features and functionality with quick turn around time.
Porting of applications from other architectures to J2EE Framework.
Testing Services including Black Box and White box, load and performance testing of J2EE Components and complete applications.
Integrating J2EE applications with other back office applications

Application Servers
Open Source or Licensed Technologies: Struts, EJB, JSP, JMS, Servlet, J2EE with MySQL, XML, Flash.
Integration: With existing Intranet/Extranet applications, Supply Chain Management Solutions, CRMs, Proprietary & Legacy applications.

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