An Enterprise Document Management (EDM) platform for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and contents. Also integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications.

OmniDocs handles Scanned Document Images, Electronic Documents, Emails and Electronic Data Output from other applications with equal efficiency and ease.

OmniDocs powers seamlessly collaborate, communicate and share knowledge across and beyond the Enterprise.

Knowledge Manager Workflow
It is an Add-on component to the OmniDocs engine. It enables classification of an organization knowledge base using a knowledge map and allows creation of corporate and individual knowledge repositories. The workflow supports automated processing, tracking, approval and signing. It can be configured around and Adhoc or a predefined route. It can handle task such as approvals, requisitions, grievance handling etc.
Standard Suite
Knowledge Map
Expertise Management
Skill Tree
Comprehensive Search
Tracking tools
Roles & Responsibilities
Documents & Discussions
Q&A and Chat Sessions
Key Features
Sequential and Parallel Routing
Collaboration through notes
Escalation & Notifications
Individual task list
Event Logging & Audit trail

Records Manager
It enables to manage all form of records like physical papers, emails and electronic documents. It is essential for companies in regulated environments like pharmaceuticals, accounts and Audit etc. and for legal and finance departments across all companies.
Key Features
File plan for classifications
Box support for storage
Barcode support
Consignment preparation
Document tracking
Request and Loading facility

OmniDocs Components
Web Content Manager
Production Scanning Tool
Offline Document Acquisition tool
Engineering drawing, archival, viewing and conversion tool
CD Viewer
ERP Connector
Whitehall Filing tool
Image Enabler

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