Is a platform-independent, scalable Business Process Management solution that enables automation of organizational business Built using open technologies, it has seamless integration abilities allowing it to be introduced into any IT infrastructure.

OmniFlow is designed to ease the creation, deployment, modification and management of Business Processes with no programming`effort and differentiates with other Business Process Management products through its ability to deploy rapidly to automate a complete process.
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Records Manager
Key Features
Visual Route Designing
Multiple Business Processes
Version Control
Rule-based Processing
Parallel Processing
Ad-hoc Routing
Holding Workitems
Auditing of User Work
Industry Standard Implementation
Reassignment of workitem
Load Balancing
Generation of Responses and Notices
Event Triggers
Effortless Remote Administration
Standard front-end for Processing - ImageWorks
Industry-Strength Security
Enterprise-Class Scalability and Availability
Support for Multiple National Languages
Comprehensive Reports and Tracking
Key Benefits
1. Lower Cost of operations.
2. High levels of customer service.
3. Possibilities of outsourcing low value add processes.
4. Easy disaster recovery and disaster management on critical data/documents.
5. Better and seamless compliance with statuary regulations.
6. Leveraging existing IT infrastructure.
7. Increase in process execution speed, hence productivity, through real time delivery of information to the right resources.
8. Increase in process visibility, accountability, and performance tracking across departments, divisions, and enterprises.

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